Connect and communicate with your legal
teams and clients on one collaboration

One of the biggest hurdles in legal collaboration and matter management is ensuring everyone is on the same page. A centralised work management systems improves transparency and operational efficiency while reducing duplicate efforts.

Dazychain makes it easy to work with:

  • clients
  • external collaborators
  • internal team members

How it works

Invite internal team members and external collaborators to join you

Work with clients and external barristers

Set customised project permission for collaborators

Share, store and search for documents

Message team members, clients and contractors via the internal messaging system

Add comments to projects and tasks

Add value to clients

Your clients are increasingly tech savvy. They want real time information on matters, performance and spend. Dazychain enables you to provide your clients with a platform that answers all of their questions and saves you valuable administration time. Access to on demand updates builds client confidence and helps you stay competitive. The streamlined matter management is just a bonus.

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Improved vendor relations

In addition to your internal teams and multiple client contacts, you’re juggling several external teams (and their various points of contact). Dazychain centralises communications and legal collaboration tasks, eliminating the need for follow-up phone calls, emails and meetings. External teams can access everything required to complete their tasks, which adds an extra layer of accountability to your matter management.

Streamlined matter management

No more chasing down emails, attachments and spreadsheets for the information you need. Real time visibility into deliverable progress means you can rest easy at night. Dazychain improves record keeping and reporting by prompting your teams to complete tasks and provide required action items or documents.

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Centralised everything

Dazychain is a secure, centralised, easy-to-search repository for every document and communication related to all of your matter management needs. Message team members, clients and contractors through the internal messaging system, add comments to projects and share documents with collaborators.

Streamline every aspect of matter management
and sidestep the usual pitfalls of legal collaboration.

  • Autosave preserves the integrity of your data
  • Document version control enables you to upload multiple versions of the same document
  • Set customised project permission for collaborators to ensure data security
  • Increased visibility into projects and deliverables improves accountability

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