All of your invoices, on one
secure platform

You’re struggling to maintain margins in a field that’s relentlessly driving for more efficiency, productivity, market edge and alternative fee arrangements.

Clients are pushing to reduce costs and the legal landscape is increasingly defined by downsized budgets and reductions in legal aid.

The last thing you need is to waste time chasing down invoices or worst of all, spend hours on the phone to rectify a mistaken duplicate payment.

How it works

Set permissions

Send and receive invoices

Review and approve invoices

Request and send reports on invoice status

Centralised repository for invoices

Gone are the days of searching through a mountain of emails and attachments for an invoice. External vendors or internal team members can easily upload invoices to the correct projects or matter in Dazychain. The search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, when you need it. And document version control ensures you can easily identify the most up-to-date version of the invoice you need.

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Save time

Dazychain’s invoicing infrastructure makes it easy to manage one of the costliest aspects of legal collaboration and matter management. You can send, receive, review, report on and approve invoices, all inside the system. And thanks to Dazychain’s cloud-based technology, you can do that from anywhere.

No more duplicate payments

Protect against duplicate payments by setting data security permissions and assigning invoice payment tasks to specific internal team members. Only the team members you authorise can access invoices. Our auto save feature ensures that as soon as a task is completed, it’s updated for the whole team to see, eliminating the potential for duplicate payments.

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Secure invoice management.

  • Invoice and data security is maintained by privacy and permission settings
  • Centralised invoice matter management saves time
  • Automated backups protect invoice uploads
  • Streamline your legal collaboration processes

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