Matter management software that
specialises in everything you need, all in
one place

With Dazychain, you have visibility into every aspect of your workload. You can keep track of important deadlines, control spend and see where your team is on every deliverable.

Dazychain’s maximises your time and streamlines your workflow management, leaving you feeling organised, in control and ready to focus on the bigger picture.

How it works

Assign actions, worklist items and deliverables to team members

Share documents

Add comments to projects, matters and tasks

Check the worklist for updates

Read and approve deliverables

Update and assign new tasks

View important deadlines in the calendar

View progress on deliverables and activities

Assign and delegate

Invite clients, internal team members and external legal teams and vendors to collaborate with you on Dazychain. The easy onboarding process is fast and user-friendly, so you can immediately assign actions and deliverables. Requests for updates can be directed to the project or matter management file for real-time visibility into a project’s progress.

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A central location for workflow creates better visibility and more efficient allocation of work and staff resources. Real-time worklists improve accountability and deliverable timelines. Easily determine what files need action, which external firms need to be chased up, and if someone’s on leave, what their deadlines are for the day.

Easy reporting

Dazychain’s robust wealth of data and on demand reporting makes it easy to report and manage with confidence. You can use data to cost matter categories accurately and offer fixed fee prices, or to assess department spend and create custom one-time (or recurring) reports.

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Manage from anywhere

Dazychain is securely cloud-based so you can experience streamlined matter management from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Store documents, communications, worklists and tasks to help you manage effectively. Automated backups ensure the integrity of your data and documents and document version control makes it easy to see the latest version of an upload.

Managing from Dazychain means
peace of mind.

  • Increased visibility into workflows improves operational efficiency
  • Save time with streamlined legal collaboration
  • Designed to provide transparent project and matter management
  • Data security is ensured with automated backups

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