Create an enterprise-worthy solution that’s
fully customised to your needs

We know your practice is unique.

That’s why you need a robust work management system that’s fully customisable and easy to use.

The problem with most enterprise solutions on the market is they’re bloated with unnecessary features (and missing the tools you need to manage your workload). They’re also static, bulky and take weeks or months to implement or change.

Dazychain is different. In a few short hours, you can centralise all your processes, projects and matters on one easy-to-use platform.

How it works

Register with our fast, simple onboarding process

Design custom templates based on your workflow and matter management needs

Set up your internal and external teams

Create projects and matters from your fully customised templates

Add and set deliverables and activities

Enjoy streamlined legal process management

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Take control of your workload

Gone are the days of: “I have too much work. I can’t keep track. I don’t know my deadlines. My costs are escalating and I can’t see them. I can’t assign work to my teams or see the status on their deliverables.”

Dazychain’s centralised system and customisability put you back in control of your workload. Organised matter management lets you focus on the bigger picture.

Customised to your needs

Do you have projects with hundreds of steps and tasks? Are you juggling similar matters with completely different workflows? Have you been working with a new team on every case? Dazychain enables you to customise templates and teams for every type of project and matter in your workload.

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User-friendly matter

Dazychain’s drag and drop interface makes it simple to create customised templates for your projects and matters. With a few clicks, you can easily create teams, set permissions and add or assign deliverables and tasks.

Maximize operational efficiency

Say goodbye to crossed wires and low visibility into projects and matter management. When you formalise your unique processes in Dazychain, you take your operational efficiency to the next level. And if you (or a team member) is out of the office, your processes are stored in Dazychain for easy reference.

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Work better with Dazychain.

  • Enjoy enterprise solutions without the bloat (or cost)
  • Save time with streamlined matter management
  • Optimise your legal process management with custom workflows
  • Improve operational efficiency with a system designed for your needs

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