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with Dazychain

A legal collaboration tool designed with
your matter management needs in mind

It’s another typical day

You spend 30 minutes trying to track down an email you need for your meeting with the board or a client. Then it’s another hour making phone calls to your external solicitors. You’re counting on them to wrap up several important matters, but you need an update on their progress, the costs-to-date and whether or not the deliverables are on track for the upcoming deadlines.

It’s a slow painful process. After that, it’s a blur of emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and follow-ups.

At the end of the day, you have the nagging feeling you forgot something.

The problem is simple

  • Too much work to keep track of
  • Struggle to manage deadlines
  • Costs are escalating but there is no visibility
  • No clear way to assign work to the team or track progress
  • Manual, time-consuming reporting

Dazychain changes everything


Centralised work system

Dazychain enables in-house counsel and corporate legal departments to centralise every aspect of legal practice and matter management on one, user-friendly platform. You can easily formalise your processes, create custom templates based on your unique workflows, communicate with team members, share and store documents or generate on-demand reports. It’s everything you need, all in one place.



Quickly customise workflows and templates to suit your needs with Dazychain’s easy drag and drop functionality. A fast onboarding process means your team members, vendors and clients can quickly start collaborating with you on projects. And Dazychain’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for them to access real time information on their files, greatly reducing follow-up communications and tasks.


Management ready

Knowing where you stand is a requirement for in-house counsel and corporate legal teams. You need visibility into all aspects of your matter management because you’re held accountable for deliverables and department spend. Management is made easy with Dazychain. Review worklists, send communications, access documents and generate custom reports. And since Dazychain is cloud-based, you can manage from anywhere with an internet connection.


Cost effective

Your budget is tight but you need something to manage your workload, streamline your processes and continue providing greater value to internal clients (at increasingly reduced rates). You want to be competitive but you’re wary of bloated enterprise software for legal services management. Dazychain is a robust, powerful and cost-effective solution that’s fully customisable to your needs. It has all of the features you need to create immediate efficiencies that quickly pay for it (many times over).

How it works

Use Dazychain to manage all of your processes
and projects, including:

  • Matter management
  • Project workflows
  • Provider progress and performance
  • Internal and external team management
  • Client relations
  • And more!

With a few clicks, you can:

  • Assign actions, worklist items and deliverables to team members
  • Share documents
  • Add comments to projects, matters and tasks
  • Check the worklist for updates
  • Read and approve deliverables
  • Update and assign new tasks
  • View important deadlines in the calendar
  • View progress on deliverables and activities
  • Review and approve invoices

“The best thing about Dazychain is we now have one central location for all communication and information that can be accessed by team members, management and our solicitors that is updated instantaneously.”


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