The in-house legal platform
connecting your legal team,
law firms and clients.

All-in-one cloud software
designed specifically for
in-house counsel.

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“Dazychain eliminates unnecessary phone calls, emails, meetings, document attachments, follow up and miscommunication by connecting internal and external business teams on one collaboration platform”


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Enjoy unprecedented visibility.

Dazychain enables in-house counsel to centralise every aspect of legal practice on one, user-friendly platform.

Seamlessly integrate with Outlook

  • File all emails against your matters
  • Create new matters directly from your inbox

Deliver strategic reporting

  • Dynamic reporting on any aspect of your data and process
  • Demonstrate the value and strategic importance of your work

Demonstrate efficiency

  • Central repository for all documents, emails, data and communications
  • Real-time collaboration in the cloud

With Dazychain, you can manage matters, emails, documents and spend.


Boost productivity

Centralised tasks, documents and communications minimise back and forth.

Reduce duplicate efforts with real-time tracking and visibility into everything your team is working on.


Reduce spend

Easily recognise invoices against fixed price schedules.

Monitor and approve invoices.

View provider performance details.


Seamless collaboration

Invite internal team members and external law firm collaborators to join you.

Assign actions and deliverables to team members.

Complete tasks, send communications and upload documents, all through Dazychain.


Built for your practice

Dazychain is a streamlined system developed specifically for in-house counsel, corporate legal departments and debt recovery teams.

No hardware costs or bloated features.

Easily brief and work with external law firms.


Increased  transparency

No more calling for updates. See team member activity in real time.

Check the worklist for updates on what files need action if someone is on leave.

Real-time tracking of actions and invoices give visibility into the progress and spend for every matter.


IT department approved

Dazychain is designed with security, privacy and compliance in mind.

No saving required. Dazychain’s auto-save feature protects data as soon as it’s input in the system.

Customisable privacy settings enable you to choose the groups and people you share documents and matters with.


Integrated matter management

Dazychain replaces your existing processes, systems and services, making matter management easier, more effective and cheaper.

Enjoy the full power of centralised document management, reporting and end-to-end process management.


Robust document management

Securely store, save and search all documents and files related to a matter.

No more chasing down e-mails, attachments and spreadsheets.

Enjoy the convenience of cloud-based matter management. Access your files and information from.


Fast and easy set-up

Dazychain is user-friendly and intuitive for internal and external teams, administrators and everyone in between.

Create fully customised workflow templates in minutes, not months.

Users, providers and team members will be ready to go in a few short hours (not weeks).


Control your information

Privacy settings allow you to control who has access to matters and related documents.

Centralised, cloud-based matter management minimizes duplicate efforts, ensuring greater data integrity.

Reports are available on demand and fully customisable (progress reports, ad hoc and more).

Dazychain is case management software that ensures you’re always a few clicks away from the updates and information you need.

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