Robust reporting designed for your
workflow management needs

Imagine having every piece of information on every project or matter, right at your fingertips. In Dazychain, that’s a reality. Our reporting infrastructure operates in real time, making it easy to create fully customisable reports. You can determine the average cost of matters, assess progress on deliverables, review vendor performance and so much more.

How it works

Create customised reports based on any of your templates

Generate one time or recurring reports on:

  • Progress
  • Deliverable status
  • Comparative costs
  • Provider performance
  • Spend
  • Timelines
  • Department spend
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Streamline your processes

Drop the spreadsheets, emails and databases. Dazychain is a single user-friendly system that will replace all of your other processes and systems. But, centralising your information on one secure platform doesn’t just simplify your matter management. It also makes it easy to generate reports. You’re held accountable for what you spend but if you’re operating from spreadsheets, it’s difficult to gain visibility into your expenditures. Get a proper report on activity and spend with Dazychain’s reporting abilities.

On demand reporting

Whether you have to report to the board (or a client) in 10 minutes or 10 days, Dazychain has everything you need to answer questions and demonstrate the value you’re providing. From data on progress and spend to fully customisable reports, you’ll always know what’s going on with internal and external team members.

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Control spend

Expense creep is a pervasive but easily avoided pitfall of legal matter management. As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets managed. Dazychain makes it easy to generate reports so you can measure, manage and mitigate your department spend.

Assess performance

Periodic review of team member and vendor performance ensures improved accountability, efficiency and productivity. Streamline your views and analyses with Dazychain’s easily customised reports and templates. Assess progress on deliverables and action items and quickly rectify any crossed wires or misinformation.

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Reporting made pleasant with Dazychain.

  • Improve efficiency in your project and matter management
  • Maximise the accountability and visibility in your legal collaboration
  • On demand cost analysis saves you time and money

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