A secure repository for every aspect of your
project and matter management

Data security and integrity are two of the most important aspects of legal collaboration and matter management. That’s why Dazychain is designed with your data security top of mind. Files, communications, workflows and documents are protected by multiple layers of customised permissions and privacy settings. Robust system administrator settings ensure only designated team members have access to your files.

How it works

Create role-based, group and individual security settings

Control privacy settings on documents and messages for private and group sharing

Only the system administrator can update organisation settings, workflow or add new users

Create a finance team to manage invoices and invoice worklists

SSL security technology protects your data with encrypted links

Protect your data

Never lose another important document again. You can securely store all of your documents and communications in Dazychain. The auto save function enables you to navigate the site freely, without worrying about whether or not you clicked “save.” Permissions and task assignments ensure data integrity. And if there’s an electrical outage? Dazychain is cloud-based, so your data is protected and ready to access as soon as you find a network.

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Only share with designated team members

Privacy settings enable you to collaborate on the same file with multiple team members, no matter their access permissions. Those settings also ensure you only share what you want, with who you want, when you want. And if a team member’s status changes, you can easily update their permissions and access abilities.

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IT department approved

Your compliance or IT department works hard to protect you and your data. That’s why Dazychain is designed to relieve their every concern. From your customised privacy and security settings to our robust SSL security technology and auto save features, you and your clients’ data is taken care of.

Security is our top priority.

  • Preserve your data security and integrity with custom privacy settings
  • Automated backups mean your data is always ready to go
  • Designed to streamline and protect your legal process management

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